Cosmetic registration in Dubai
Cosmetic registration in Dubai
The process of cosmetic products registration in Dubai ensure that each cosmetic product is safe for human use and contain no harmful elements
Food product registration
Food product registration
We are one of the best and most famous product registration consultancy firm in Dubai; we provide best solution for food product registration in Dubai


Cosmetic Product Registration

There are a number of steps in order to register a product in Dubai. You need to follow these steps in the same way; so that to easily do the product registration in Dubai; and there are a number of documents need to be shown from country of origin

Food product registration

This has been made possible by creating a strict procedure for food product registration in Dubai. Like many other businesses, food products business is a very money making business; due to tax and duty free facilities;

Health supplements in Dubai

There are high standards set by the UAE Government for registration of health as well as food supplements in Dubai. This makes it easier for registered companies to launch their products in other countries also without nuisance

Cosmetic Product registration in Dubai

Dubai is the one of most important and leading hub of the world for trading of product; that is import and export of the cosmetic and special care products. UAE gov’t makes a latest testing process; that is for food and cosmetic product registration in Dubai municipality. And they make the registration process compulsory for any beauty; as well as food product before arriving in Dubai market. The main purpose of cosmetic product registration in Dubai is to make sure the end user safety. This procedure allows the Consumer Products Safety Section to crinkle the right information; to examine the protection of cosmetic products. In simple word we can say that it confirms that no product should grip any unsafe stuff. So for this purpose it is crucial to focus that no cosmetic product will be import, spread, promotes, sold or distributed in Dubai without testing with Dubai Municipality regulation.

What is a Cosmetic Product?

Any item which is to be found in contact; that is with the external parts of the human body is called a cosmetic product. For example hair system, epidermis, nails, lips and external genital tissues; or also with the teeth and the slimy skins of the spoken crack; with a view completely or mainly to washing them, freshening them; altering their look and / or altering human body odors and / or caring them or making them in good condition.

The Dubai Gov’t regulates the production, import and sale of cosmetic products; It need that every cosmetic product should be test before it enter in to the Dubai market; as well as it also regulate the persons as well as the firm to get a proper license in Dubai link to cosmetics products. At this point also note that the cosmetic product registration in Dubai is valid for 5 years; as an addition for renewal to be review. This is to identify ingredients to which public may be allergic; as well as which may cause an adverse reaction; as well as to compare diverse cosmetic products.

List of Cosmetics Product

The following list is not in-depth but is provided as an example:

  • Creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and oils for the skin (hands, face, feet, etc.)
  • Tinted bases (liquids, pastes, powders)
  • Face masks (with the exception of peeling products)
  • Make up powders, after bath powders, hygienic powders, etc.
  • Deodorants and anti per aspirants
  • Products for nail care as well as product which are use for make up
  • Hair care products as well as Hair tints and bleaches
  • Perfumes, toilet waters and Eau de Cologne
  • Toilet soaps, deodorant soaps, etc.
  • Product which are use in bath as well as shower like salts, foams, oils, gels, etc.
  • Depilatories Products for external intimate hygiene
  • Setting products Cleansing products (lotions, powders, shampoos) Conditioning products (lotions, creams, oils) Hairdressing products (lotions, lacquers, brilliantine)
  • Shaving products (creams, foams, lotions)
  • Product for waving, straightening and fixing
  • Products for making up and removing make-up from the face and eyes
  • Sunbathing products
  • Anti wrinkle products.
  • Products for tanning without sun
  • Products for care of the teeth as well as mouth
  • Skin whitening products
  • Products which are fully made for the lips

Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

Cosmetic Product registration in Dubai
Cosmetic Product registration in Dubai

There are a number of steps in order to register a product in Dubai. You will need to follow these steps in the same way; so that to easily do the cosmetics product registration in Dubai; and also note that there are also a number of documents need to be shown from country of origin; and these documents are also need to be attest from UAE embassy.

Till now we have completed so many cosmetic product registration tasks; so because of that we have a decent list of happy clients. The method of cosmetic product registration in Dubai is also changes; from product to product as well as from brand to brand. So every time when we do a bit new which is of course exciting but exciting for us; but we are taking it as an increase in our knowledge base.

Product Registration Rules and Regulation

  1. The product registration is needed before it deals out in the local market.
  2. Any company which wants to bring a product in Dubai form any part of the world; or want to manufacture product in Dubai and then want to distribute or sell those product must need to register that product in Dubai.
  3. Cosmetic product can only be register on the name of the company; you can not register a product on the name of the person. So you need a valid trade license in UAE with a cosmetic activity.
  4. The product will must meet the terms of the health and safety mention in CPSS (Consumer Products Safety Section). Only then you will get a permit to sell your product in Dubai.
  5. In case of the rejection of the product you will get a report; and such a product is not allow to be sell in the local market.

Procedure of cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai Municipality

Following are the common steps for cosmetic product registration in Dubai Municipality

  1. Company set up; Candidate for a product registration must be local UAE company; that is it must have a trade license in UAE; because only a local UAE company can register their product with DM; and also note that the company will have cosmetic activity only; or a general trading.
  2. Registration of the company with DM (Dubai Municipality); after a company formation in Dubai the next step is to register that company with DM. There are two options to do so. The first one is to hand over all the documents to us; so that we can apply for the registration of your company with DM. Or you can also register it by yourself with DM; that is in any DM center.
  3. Apply for Labeling Assessment; the third step in process; is to apply for label assessment of the products category wise. There for, we need to provide sample of each product to CPSS; another word we can only submit label design slip of the product; along with applicant details. When CPSS reviews the label; then it issue a Cosmetic Label Assessment Report; which contains product description; as well as details along with remarks; that is for modifying the label if necessary.
  4. Labeling of the Product; Compliance with the standard information is mandatory. The entire concern person including A manufacturers; An importers; A suppliers, A whole sellers; A distributors and as well as retailers; are thankful to ensure their products fulfill with the mandatory information standard.

What Shams consultant can do for you in this regard?

Product registration is an important task; so it can only be done by an expert and reliable consultancy firm. Therefore, the best option in this case is to take the help of Shams Consultant. Because we offer:

  • We check the product labeling; that is keeping in mind the basic guide line of the DM for the Cosmetics regulation.
  • Also we check the document of each product; bearing in mind the basic guidelines of DM.
  • For product registration laboratory test is an important task; we take care of the laboratory test services in Dubai.
  • We also assist in completing of the Product Information File (PIF)
  • Notification of your cosmetic products registration
  • Nonstop support even after the registration of the product.
  • We offer complete help in selection of the right zone according to the type of cosmetic product.


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