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UAE is a sea side desert area and its natural eatable products mostly contain of dates; marine diet and a small number of other foods stuff items available in such areas. But the majority of the UAE, particularly Dubai, has been transform into an international zone; and now food products from all around the globe are available in the UAE markets, especially Dubai. But as per Dubai law food product registration in Dubai is compulsory for every product.

This has been made possible by creating a strict procedure for food product registration in Dubai. Like many other businesses, food products business is a very money making business; due to tax and duty free facilities; along with the chance to form the company in free zones in Dubai.

What is food product registration in Dubai

Food product registration in Dubai is a process where all type of food products are register largely with (DM); before it is import or sold in Dubai. This is a difficult process with several layers.

  • The major step is the registration of food product in Dubai Municipality. Several documents will be obligatory for completion of this very process.
  • In the second stage, an anticipated food product will be registered in FIRS (Food Import & Re-export System). It is a portal which saves details of all food products in UAE.
  • The third significant step is to approve the food product from (ESMA). This federal authority checks the quality as well as standard of food products and issues certificate after approval.
  • Another vital system where it is obligatory to register each and every food product is ZAD. This federal portal shows details of all food products to customers. A product is registered with ZAD soon after its application is accepted by relevant authority in all emirate of UAE. FIRS has already been included with ZAD as well as registration of your product; in FIRS will automatically register it with ZAD.

Label Approval for Food product registration in Dubai

To approve the label for any food product which has not been approve before; the food label approval requires that each food label shall contain the following; so before you go make sure your food product must contain this.

  1. Brand name is needs for food product registration in Dubai.
  2. Product name (a short info of the food product which you want to register).
  3. Language of the label shall be in Arabic.
  4. Weight or volume of the food product.
  5. Instructions for using the product (if you think that client need this)
  6. Mention all of the key ingredients which may cause hyper sensitivity
  7. Name of the food manufacturer, distributor, packer or importer.
  8. All the main item which contain in the food product registration in Dubai; it must be arrange in descending order according to the weight or volume.
  9. Production as well as expiration dates of all products; (Accept those which are exempt from displaying the validity as well as expiration dates).
  10. Lot number as well as product bar code.
  11. Country of Origin (if its omission leads to deceiving or misleading the consumer).
  12. Storage conditions (if the validity of the product depends on such conditions).
  13. Showing the nutritional information are optional (except the products with special uses such as baby foods, foods for patients, etc).

Why Regulations food products in Dubai is necessary

Food product registration in Dubai
Food product registration in Dubai

According to the rule of Dubai; regulations food products in Dubai are essential for import and export of all food products in Dubai. The process is regularizing by DM through its Food Import & Re-export Service (FIRS).

Through this food product registration system; the gov’t of Dubai ensures that only the top quality food product import; produce as well as re export from the country. FIRS are essential for services regarding: import of food for the reason of re-export, issuing health certificates etc.

Requirements for food product registration in Dubai:

There are some points ahead of launching of new products in Dubai. Following are a small number of things to think before applying for Regulations food products in Dubai.

  • You cannot apply for the goods with ban ingredients like alcohol as well as poppy seeds.
  • All the ingredients present in the food product should be mention.
  • You can only register food items from side to side with FIRS. Non eatable items like cigarettes as well as food supplements are not register through such process.
  • FIRS will without any delay reject your application; if the food product you apply for is already register with another name or account.
  • All the things present in food product must be mention either in English or also in Arabic.
  • There are quite a few things compulsory to be mention on the product; like product name, brand name, production as well as expiry dates; net weight and others relevant things.
  • a small number of food flavors are ban in UAE including; fast yellow A B, yellow 2 G, patent blue V, Amaranth, potassium bro mated etc.

Process of food product registration in Dubai:

The process for Regulations food products in Dubai is now link with the DM. All the products should be register on the website of DM; along with entire details of the products as well as their samples. There are quite a few thing like checking the accessibility of products, uploading images etc. But note that this is a long process; so you need a consultant to manage the whole process of registration.

Documents required for regulations food products in Dubai

We have discuss a lot of thing about food product in the above; now lets come to the document part of the food product. It is very important to register your food product in DM; that is before any import or export of the food products. So before you go with the registration please make sure you have these docs.

  • Trade license of the company
  • email Id of the company
  • A phone number as well as a fax number of the company
  • P.O. Box number of the company
  • Details of company’s site in Dubai
  • Company agent’s name along with mobile number.

If you are looking for food product registration in Dubai; and you want to complete the entire procedure without any trouble; then we at can offer you whole solution of the problem. We have years of experience in forming businesses in Dubai as well as other emirates of UAE. You can get in touch with us via email.


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